• THE PRINTWORKS 14 Claremont Hastings, TN34 1HA United Kingdom

Panel 1 - Starting Them Young - Getting young people into music.
Panel 2 - Getting Noticed - How do you get your act noticed today?.
Panel 3 - Music and Regeneration - Using music as a tool for regeneration.
Panel 4 - Songwriting Workshop with Blair (Musician, Songwriter and Producer).
We'll be giving more details about each panel, and what they will be discussing, over the coming days.
Don't forget to register for the event as there are only a limited amount of spaces available. See the post below for details.

Although Un-Convention Hastings is a free event, you will need to register to make sure that you can attend, this is due to the limited capacity of the venue.
So don't miss out, register now via the link below.